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I was born in Romania in 1982. I grew up painting and drawing, and then I betrayed images for words when I went to university to study Journalism. I am grateful to that time, as I came to discover photography and digital art.

I live and work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a graphic designer (BrightPink Studio) and a gallery artist represented by James Schot Gallery.

My images start and end as photographs. Each image is composed of many photographs, combined to create a picture that is no documentary recording, but a frame in a story, a snapshot of an image lit by imagination, by memory, by thought. I am using modern techniques (computer processing) to achieve these results, some of which are similar to darkroom processes, others – with cutting and pasting for collating, and others – with painting and drawing. Each image is sketched, researched and planed in detail before shooting. The postprocessing is a long phase that takes much skill, determination and energy. Each image may take anything from several weeks to months from concept to final details.

The result is an image with photorealistic qualities and the feel of a painting.

I was once told that one of my images (The Suicide) is like a Tarot card: "you are given the tools to fill in your own feelings, your own mind and thoughts. It's not too obvious, yet not too hard to envision" (Elisabeth Gustafson).

I aim for this with every image I create. My artwork is as well about you as it is about me.